ROAMGRID GREEN ENERGY LED - Based Solar Street Lights From MAVK

MAVK is one of the leaders in Energy Monitoring and Management for Commercial Enterprises. Our Energy monitoring and Control systems under ROAMGRID Brand offer solutions to make considerable energy savings in commercial Infrastructures’ HVAC systems, thereby are reducing the CARBON FOOTPRINT of infrastructures. Continuing the emphasis on GREEN ENERGY initiative, our latest offering is LED-based Solar Streetlights that are a more cost-effective, energy-efficient and environment-friendly option than halogen lamps powered by the Grid.

Why Solar Streetlights?

As is common knowledge, Solar Streetlights consume environment-friendly solar energy and generate lighting in the same location. This reduces the carbon footprint that comes from using fossil fuels to generate power and transmit it over long distances. Further, such streetlights have a long life and bring enormous savings in power bills, month after month.

How does it work?

These streetlights use Photovoltaic cells that convert solar energy into electric power to charge and store power. They work from dusk to dawn, and can be used even in places where shade from trees or adjacent buildings do not provide direct sunlight. This is possible based on the three different ways in which these lights can be configured:

  • Streetlights powered by Solar, in Standalone mode
  • Streetlights powered by Solar and managed Centrally
  • Streetlights powered by a Hybrid configuration [Solar+AC Mains]

MAVK will undertake a thorough survey and analysis of your infrastructure, before recommending the most suitable solar streetlight configuration for your needs.

Why Solar Streetlights?

MAVK’s LED-based Solar Streetlights can be used for illuminating

  • 1. Entrances and avenues at factories, gated residential layouts, and apartment complexes
  • 2. Factories, godowns, warehouses, stadiums, malls, multiplexes, educational institutions and Tech parks.


Although the initial cost of installing Solar Streetlights is higher than grid-powered, halogen-lamp streetlights, there are various savings and benefits in the long run.

  • 1. No trenching, no cabling, hassle-free installation of LED Solar Streetlights.
  • 2. No running costs, due to freely available and abundant sunlight in India.
  • 3. Long life of solar panel and LED lamp makes system maintenance free or minimal.
  • 4. Does not generate any harmful gases, making it an environment-friendly option.
  • 5. Excellent CRI or Color Rendering Index of over 90, leading to optimum color recognition.
  • 6. No glass or risk-prone parts. The assembly is electronically protected from a short circuit.

Our LED-based solar streetlights will bring enormous savings in your power bills, thereby reducing your OPEX. You will also be encouraging the use of renewable energy and contributing to a cleaner, greener environment.

If you are a commercial enterprise that spends heavily on lighting, get in touch with us!